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January 3, 1959

FACTS: -The Great State - 48th in population - Capital: Juneau

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While President Obama and his PR party are headed to Denmark to pitch for the 2016 Olympics, Americians are losing their jobs TODAY. The only reason politicians might even be concerned with the number 2016 - that is probably the number of Americians who will lose their job TODAY.

2016, are you kidding me? TODAY, Americians are concerned about Christmas 2009. TODAY, Americian retailers, small businesses, and families are concerned with the next few months. Americaians are not the least bit concered with the 2016 Olympics. Ask your local politicians to do the math. How many years away is 2016? Americians need jobs, TODAY.

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Six Ways to Raise a Good Kid

It’s possible to raise a good kid without calling in outside expertise or pushing pills. Raising a child well can actually be a pleasant experience for parents and children alike. Bringing up a child need not be a difficult, worrisome thing to do. One has only to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy observing silently as the child transforms itself into the man or the woman that it was intended to be. And, along the way, we may notice the emergence of a very good human being.

Here are nine suggestions for raising a well-adjusted and happy child without melodrama, an advanced degree, or the help of chemicals:

1. Reward the right behavior, when your child does it. But no gushing. Be merely saddened when the wrong thing bursts forth from your child, and keep that sadness in moderation.

2. Expect him or her to do the right thing – or to want to do the right thing, anyway. Assume honesty. Be prepared for occasional disappointment, but at least celebrate good intentions. When you say something – especially when you demand something – really mean it and expect your child to hear you. Be firm but not dictatorial. Avoid threats, especially empty ones, and shun verbal and physical brutality.

3. Strive neither to bribe nor deprive. Your child should do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, not in order to win the right to watch television, to eat a sweet dessert, or to avoid a spanking.

4. Err on the side of generosity. Don’t worry about being conned. Of course you will be conned now and then. All kids con their parents sometimes. Call the child’s con, but stay the course: provide honest praise freely where appropriate, kind words where possible, and a sprinkling here and there of wit, stories, good food, sweet deserts, and fun and games. None of these should be in response to anything in particular that the kid does or doesn’t do, but they should be offered simply because the spirit moves you.

5. A brief hug is sufficient. Holding onto your child for too long may become emotionally sloppy and make the kid feel like a baby, or overprotected. But better even than a hug is to talk with your child, not necessarily with sage advice but simply because it is fun. And talking with a child means just that: talking with a child. That means both of you. Let the miniature person get a few words in edgewise, then respond. That is what we mean by “conversation.” It is a give-and-take sort of thing.

6. Take your child very, very seriously. But avoid the long-face, solemnity thing. When your child tells you about an achievement, a victory, a challenge, or a defeat, listen carefully with a sympathetic ear, learn as much as you can, and respond honestly. A few words will usually do, or even an expression on your face that says what you feel can suffice.

Retain your sense of humor, but don’t force yourself to be light or funny if you don’t feel light or funny. If things go well, the child will eventually come to see him or herself as part of something very large -- the community and, indeed, the entire world. In a nutshell, provide your child with encouragement and positive experiences seasoned by pleasure, and you’ll find yourself with a kid who’s an even greater member of society than you could have hoped.










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